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Shift Interest and Shift Agreement Display

Employee Shift Agreements (accept/decline) are displayed on shift assignments. 

When a Shift Agreement is yet to be set by the employee, managers might instead see a Shift Interest (willing/reluctant) displayed that the employee set before being assigned. 

If the Workforce Settings allow, employees might see the Shift Agreements of other employees. 
Shift Agreements as shown on Employeee Assignments
Shift Agreements shown on Shift Assignments
Ideally, after some time and well before the shift starts, the rota manager will see all Shift Agreements set to Accept by the corresponding employees. 
Accepted Assignments on the Rota
All Shift Agreements set to Accept

Shift Interest Display

Employee Shift Interest of Willing and Reluctant is shown to Rota Managers and is displayed in the Shift Assignment menu next to each Employees' name. 
Shift Agreements as Shown on the Assignment Menu
Shift Agreements shown on the Assignment Menu
Workforce Settings contains various settings that control how both Shift Interest and Shift Agreements work on the rota. Including when, and if, shifts can be marked reluctant or decline.

Some Workforces won't use or need these features, and so they can be disabled in Workforce Settings.