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Rotaville has revolutionised our workplace as shifts can be uploaded online for all to see, we have an app that works for everyone and is fast and fun.

Felicity Young - roster manager

Felicity Young
The Trigger Team
Melbourne, Australia

QLS has been utilising Rotaville for over four years and found it to be the most effective product on the market to manage the level of staff this organisation has on duty at any given time. We would recommend to anyone who has complex roster requirements.

John Hart - roster manager

John Hart
Quality Lifestyle Support
Toowoomba, Australia

I came across Rotaville five to six years ago when looking to move to a more efficient rostering service. I looked at many different programs only to find that they really didn’t meet our needs as a disability organisation. When I came across Rotaville my search was over. Rotaville provided the ability for coordination and management staff to work remotely ensuring that all rosters were up to date and accessible from anywhere in the world. As we grew Rotaville grew too, whether it be for rostering staff or assigning resources like Occupational therapist, Physiotherapist varying therapy equipment. Rotaville has services our every need. Should we have any question or even have suggestions to improve the service Jason is always interested and helpful. I am happy to recommend Rotaville.

Ben Del Fabbro - roster manager

Ben Del Fabbro
Aged Disability Injury Rehabilitation Services
Brisbane, Australia

We have found Rotaville super easy to use, and improved our rota communication with staff. The Availabilities function has made creating the roster a breeze.

Nathan Turner - roster manager

Nathan Turner
Waffle Co
Penrith, Australia