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Home Care agencies and providers, both small and large, have many complex and demanding problems to solve when scheduling their rotas. From scheduling anywhere from dozens to hundreds of shifts per day, while carefully fulfilling the various constraints that arise when employing multiple staff to service many clients across multiple sites. Just understanding and making sense of so many shifts is a task-in-itself for the rota manager. Making additions, changes, and substitutions can be a real challenge without the help of good software.

Imagine a system where all of your care visits are clearly displayed in chronological order on a simple calendar view. Imagine being able to view all available staff and then assign them to client shifts with a single click...

With Rotaville all of this is possible!

The power and simplicity of Rotaville Rota Software is a perfect solution for home care rota management.

QLS has been utilising Rotaville for over four years and found it to be the most effective product on the market to manage the level of staff this organisation has on duty at any given time. We would recommend to anyone who has complex roster requirements.
John Hart - rota manager

John Hart
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Rotaville is already popular with many home care providers.

Rota Managers and employees love the speed and ease-of-use of our software.

Home Care Rota screenshot from Rotaville
Rotaville Screenshot: Home Care Rota

Unique Challenges in Home Care scheduling

Our home-care customers know the challenges of scheduling home care rotas, and Rotaville has been designed to assist them in facing these challenges, including:

Managing Remote Care Staff

Employees are often on the road may not visit your office regularly, so all staff communication thus needs to be online and over the phone.

Rotaville makes it easy to message employees or call them directly when need be.

Managing Care Clients

Every client will have different appointment times and frequency of visits. All visits need to be planned and staffed well in advance.

Rotaville makes it easy to view and plan and report on client visits including printing out dedicated client rotas or client schedules.

Managing Care Shifts

Client shifts can range in length from just a few minutes, up to 8 hours, or even longer for overnight stays.

Rotaville supports all of these types of shifts and you can mix-and-match shift types to meet yours and your client's needs.

Easy to Use

Many other rota planning systems are complicated and inflexible. Some force you to think about employees before clients, assigning shifts to employees.

Rotaville is easy-to-use and easy-to-understand. Employees are assigned to client shifts, and you can clearly see that your shifts are covered. Spare and free capacity in the schedule is easy to see for allocating new and additional visits.

Dedicated Client Rotas

Care clients will often require multiple appointments per day or 24x7 around-the-clock care.

Rotaville supports multiple and dedicated rotas for clients. Client rotas make it easy to ensure that all shifts are scheduled and covered.

Rotaville certainly make my life a lot easier! Before Rotaville it was all pen 'n' paper, now it's all on screen. I would recommend it to anybody. Rotaville helped our business grow.
Julie Littleboy - rota manager

Julie Littleboy
Registered Manager
Welcome Independent Living

Multiple Rota Managers

Busy providers managing hundreds of shifts per week will often have multiple managers responsible for managing different teams, scheduling staff and client visits.

Rotaville excels at supporting multiple concurrent managers with special software features such as real-time updates and activity logging.

Scalable Software for a Growing Businesses

Rotaville works equally well when managing care for just a few clients through to managing hundreds of clients, hundreds of staff and multiple rota managers. Our software is ready to scale with your growing business.

Special Needs

Contact us for information about how Rotaville can be used to meet your special home care scheduling needs.

Communicate with Staff

Built into Rotaville and the Rotavile App is the Memo system. You can post memos to all staff, or to a single staff member. Open and read statuses for memos are recorded so managers can be confident that employees got the message.
I was so pleased to discover Rotaville, it works really well for both staff and managers. My rota changes around the needs of our service and I find Rotaville so adaptable.
Tracy Gallimore - rota manager

Tracy Gallimore
Registered Manager
Cornerstone Trust

Domiciliary Care Rota Software

What do your shift patterns look like? Here are some example home care rotas using Rotaville.

Home Care Rota Video Screenshot
Home Care Rota Examples

Rotaville is flexible and modern software that is ready to be at the heart of your domiciliary care agency or business. Signup for a free trial of the software and see how easily it works. Please contact us if you'd like to schedule a live demo or if you have any specific questions.

Care rota on mobile screenshot
Home Care Rota on The Rotaville Mobile App