Shift Agreements (Accept/Decline)

Rotaville has a unique Shift Agreement system. After being assigned to a shift, employees can:

  • Set their Shift Agreement to Accept
  • Optionally, employees can set their Shift Agreement to Decline

Employees can set their shift agreement as either accepted or declined for all their shifts on the rota.

Employee Shift Agreements as shown on the Rota
Employee Shift Agreements as shown on the Rota

Flexible Usage

How rota managers use this information is up to them. For example:

  • Managers could request that employees show their acceptance for all shifts assigned to them. (This scheme gives the managers peace of mind that the employees have acknowledged their shift assignments.)
  • If Declining a shift assignment is allowed by the Workforce Settings, then managers could reconsider their shift assignments when an employee marks an assignment as declined
  • Shift Agreements can be completely disabled in Workforce Settings if this feature is not wanted or needed.