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Instructions and guides for Printing the rota and CSV reports.

Video Transcript

Rotaville rotas can be printed and emailed from the main rota view.

Click the "Print" menu tab to bring up the print options.

There are many print options to choose from,

The "Rota PDF" option generates a friendly PDF format of the rota suitable for printing.

"All Rotas" in the workforce can be printed, or a selection of rotas can be printed, or just an individual rota can be printed.

You can select the week or month you want to print, or select a custom period.

You can choose what type of events to include.

You could include just "Shifts",

or just "Holidays",

or just "Sick Leave".

Or any combination. Let's choose just "Shifts" this time.

You can print in a "Color", or "Greyscale" design.

You can print in Portrait or Landscape orientation.

And you can select the page size, from standard sizes, A4 and Letter. Or poster sizes, A3 and Tabloid.

Click Generate PDF to generate the PDF ready for printing.

And here is the color rota in Portrait.

And color in landscape.

And here's an example of the Greyscale" design.

And here's an example of the Employee List.

Here’s an example of the Shift Report

Here’s an example of the Holiday Report

Here’s an example of the Sick Leave Report

And here’s an example of an Individual Employee Schedule.

Thank You.

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