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Calendar Feeds

Using and importing direct Calendar Feeds.

Video Transcript

Rotaville allows users to subscribe to a calendar feed of their upcoming shifts.
These feeds are sometimes known as I-Calendar Feeds, or Webcal Feeds.
Users can import these calendar feeds into their mobile phone calendar app, desktop calendar programs, or web-based calendar systems.

Follow the "Calendar Feeds" link on the homepage to access your unique calendar feed URLs.

Calendar feeds are only helpful if you regularly use and rely upon your calendar program or app. You might find that using the Rotaville Mobile App directly is easier for keeping track of your shifts.

The first listed feed contains a list of your upcoming shifts, and it's this link that you can use with your calendar programs.

You can also find the calendar feed URLs in the Rotaville Mobile app, from the "Menu" button.

For more information about subscribing and importing to these feeds, please see the help documentation of your calendar program.

Thank You.

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