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Managing Holidays

A guide for rota managers, showing how to use Holidays.

Video Transcript


Managers can record Employee Holidays on the Rotaville rota.

The primary purpose of recording holidays on the rota is to help with the scheduling of shift assignments.

Managers need to know who is away, so that they know who is available.

Rotaville can also be used for Holiday record keeping and accounting.

The "Holiday" print report shows a summary of each employee's holidays, the total number of days used, and the remaining holiday allowance.

Managers can add holidays to the Rota by first clicking on the Holiday menu tab.

An optional Holiday Title and Holiday Info can be added.

The first day and last day of the holiday can be selected.

A custom number of "Days Off" can be added to override the natural calendar holiday length. This is for occasions when the holiday period might include public holidays, weekends, or other special considerations.

Select the employee's name.

And click "Create Holiday".

New holidays are initially added to the rota as "Holiday Requests".

Managers can click the outlined airplane icon to confirm the "Holiday Request", it changes status to become a "Holiday", and is now represented by a solid airplane icon.

Any pre-existing shift assignments that conflict with the holiday period are displayed with a strike-through on the employee's name.

Managers should review these assignments one by one and make changes where necessary.

Or, Managers can use the "Conflicts" button, in the pop-up Holiday Details Box, to list any conflicting shifts and also to quickly remove them all if desired.

An Employee assigned to a Holiday will have their name struck out on the shift assignment menu during the corresponding period.

Employees can also add Holiday Requests, if allowed in the Workforce Settings, by clicking the "Holiday Request" menu tab.

Managers can then confirm these Holiday Requests, Edit them, or Delete them.

Workforces with many employees, or many rotas, might like to create a dedicated rota called "Holidays" just for holidays.

Thank you.

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