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Invite Users

A guide for rota managers, showing them how to invite employees (new users) to connect to the workforce and rotas on Rotaville.

Video Transcript

Inviting Users is the process by which you can give employees, and other managers, online access to your Workforce and rotas.

Any Rotaville manager can invite users.

The number of employees, and thus users, that can be added and connected to a workforce depends on the account plan, or upgrade, of the Workforce Owner.

Employee Records with a connected user have their names displayed in bold text, on the rota, and in the Employees list.

Employee Records without a connected user have their names displayed in normal, non-bold, text.

An Employee with an email address in their Employee Record, can be invited to Rotaville, by clicking on the Invite User button.

A unique JOB INVITE CODE will be emailed to them, along with instructions, inviting them to create their own Rotaville user account to access the Workforce and rotas.

When an employee user accepts an invitation and connects, they get to see a read-only copy of the rota and workplace information.

Whether they get to see the full rota, or only their own shifts, depends on the various Workforce Settings chosen by the managers.

A user can maintain their own User Profile

Their email and telephone number will be visible to managers.

Users can choose to share this information with other employees if they wish.

Users can also choose to receive email notifications and reminder emails about their latest shift assignments.

Once connected with their own user account, depending on the Workforce Settings, there are more tasks an employee/user can do, including:

They are able to register their Availability for upcomming days and weeks.

And they can register their Shift Agreement for upcoming shifts.

They can submit Holiday Requests.

And they can read and respond to memos.

Users can access the latest version of their own upcoming shift assignments at any time using the mobile website and mobile apps.

Users that are also "Rotaville managers", as set in their Employee Record, can make changes to the workforce and rotas.

Some businesses using Rotaville do not invite all their employees. Instead, these businesses, distribute the rota and shift information manually using Rotaville printouts, reports, and email. This workflow works great for them.

However, most businesses using Rotaville will invite all employees. Their managers and employees find the system, features, and online access incredibly useful.

Thank You.

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