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User Profile

A demonstration of updating your User Profile.

Video Transcript

Hello Everybody, in this video tutorial we are using fake user data.

You can edit your User Profile information by clicking the "Profile" button on the home page.

You can change your login name.

You can change your first name.

You can change your last name.

You can change your description.

You can change your phone number.

Your telephone number should be entered in international format with a leading plus sign.

You can update your email address.

You can set whether your Email Address is visible to only managers, or if it's also visible to other employees. You can also set whether your Phone Number is visible to only managers, or if it's visible to other employees. Please Note that these settings only affect the email and phone number that you have in your "User Profile". Be aware that additional information about you, including your email and phone, might also be stored in your workforce "Employee Record" and access to this information is controlled and set by your managers.

After making changes to your "User Profile" information, click the "Update" button to save the changes.

By default, all Rotaville users are assigned a random picture.

To add your own image, first click "Profile".

And then click "Add Your Own Picture".

Choose an image from your computer to upload. If the supplied image is not square, then its rectangular sides will be cropped. The best image to use on Rotaville is a recognisable photo of your face.

Click Upload to upload the new image.

Your picture is now updated.

If you have questions feel free to get in touch with us via support@rotaville.com. Thanks for watching.

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