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Creating Shifts

A demonstration for rota managers, showing them how to create a new shift.

Video Transcript

Any Rotaville manager in your workforce can create, edit and delete shifts.

To add a shift, simply click on the calendar view on the day and the time you’d like the shift to begin,

then, while still holding the mouse button down, drag out the length of the shift. As you drag, you’ll see the times dynamically update as the new shift is extended.

When you reach the desired end time for the shift, release the mouse button and the shift will be created.

The shift is created in draft mode, signified by the open clock face, and the grey and italic text.

If you hover your mouse over the draft shift, green resize arrows appear at either end of the shift. Click and drag these to adjust the shift times.

If you hover your mouse over the middle of the white shift header, then you can click and drag to move the entire shift to an earlier or later time.

If you hover your mouse over the shift, then the shift details box appears above.

The shift details box contains additional information and controls for the shift.

Click the Edit link to further edit the shift details.

If you have multiple rotas, then you can change the rota the shift is on.

You can change the date of the shift.

You can adjust the start and end times, using buttons, or sliders, or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

You can add a break time. Break times are automatically subtracted from the total shift length time that is used in the various Rotaville reports. The break time can extend to the full length of the shift, thus effectively creating a zero-hours length shift from a reporting perspective. Don't use this Break feature if you want to include your employees' actual break times in their shift totals.

You can add an optional Shift Title.

And detailed Shift Info if desired.

Finally, click "Update Shift" to save the updated information.

Click the Clock-Face Icon in the white shift header, or the clock-face icon in the Shift Details Box to change the shift status from "draft" to "confirmed".

Confirmed shifts are identified by a solid clock-face icon and normal upright dark text.

Shifts can also be quickly created by clicking the Shift menu tab.

To Delete a shift, click the Delete link that appears in the shift details box.

Once a shift has been created, employees can then be assigned, or, clients and resources can be assigned, also, the shift can be cloned, and, the shift can be set to automatically repeat. Please see our other videos about these topics.

Thank You.

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