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Rotaville is ready to serve your business.

Easy to Use

First and foremost, for both you and your staff, Rotaville is easy to use. Our system has been designed to help busy rota managers get their shift planning and employee scheduling tasks done quickly and accurately. The intuitive calendar-based interface makes creating, updating and assigning shifts very simple. Shift times and dates are clearly labelled to help end any confusion amongst your staff about who should be working and when.

Knowledge about using Rotaville spreads quickly within a business and using Rotaville will soon become second-nature with your staff.

And your new employees will get to grips with using Rotaville very quickly.

Staff Remote Access

Give your employees online access. Enabling them to always have access to the latest up-to-date copy of their rota. They can access Rotaville from their work computer, home computer, or using their phone.

Alternatively, managers can use Rotaville to generate printed hard-copies of the rota, and these can be shared with employees at work.

Employee Availability Tracking

Often your employees will have other commitments such as study or childcare, and so they are not always available for work. Using Rotaville, employees can register their availability, which is then clearly shown to rota managers. Availability status information is conveniently shown both on the rota and when rota managers are making shift assignments.

Employee Shift Acknowledgements

An all too common problem for some staff is that they will miss a shift after not seeing changes made to their rota. The Rotaville Shift Agreement feature allows your employees to Accept (i.e. acknowledge) shifts on the rota. These acknowledgements are then clearly displayed to the rota manager, allowing your rota manger to relax with the knowledge that the employees are aware of their upcoming shifts.

Secure by Default with Data Access Controls

By default, employees can only see their own shifts, and the contact details of their managers on Rotaville. Employees see only what they need to know. This makes Rotaville ideal for an agency-style business needing to manage large numbers of independent temp-staff.

However, you can adjust the settings to allow more data visibility to staff. Your business might require employees to have access to each other's contact details. Or your business might require employees to have full visibility of the rota and shifts. The Rotaville settings can be changed to meet the needs of your business and workforce.

Mobile Apps

The Rotaville Mobile App is available for both iPhone and Android. Your employees can use the App to keep up-to-date with the latest shift information. Your managers can use it to make quick on-the-go changes to the rota. Integrated contact details make it easy for managers to call or message employees quickly.

Also, for those not wanting, or unable to use the mobile App, the Rotaville mobile website works great on a wide range of new and old devices.

Multiple Rota Managers

Rotaville is multi-manager friendly. Your managers can each use Rotaville at the same time using their personal user login. They can simultaneously update the same rotas, shifts, and employees, or be working in their own specific areas of the system. Real-time data and screen updates ensure that all your managers are on the same page. All changes to the rota are recorded, and managers can easily view the changelog history (activity) of a shift or assignment to find who made what changes and when.

Repeating Shifts and Rolling Rotas

Many businesses have a repeating rota, such as 4-days-on/4-days-off. Some shift patterns repeat weekly, or they repeat every 8 days, or they repeat every 8 weeks, etc. No matter what your repeating pattern is, Rotaville supports it. Once a Repeating Shift pattern is established, it's possible to plan and see the dates and times of your shifts for up to 12 months in advance. Repeating shifts will repeat automatically, and so there is very little ongoing maintenance required from the rota manager.

Instead of a regular repeating shift pattern, some businesses might have completely different shifts scheduled every day, or a mix of repeating and bespoke scheduled shifts. Rotaville works equally well for all different kinds of shift patterns.

Hundreds of Shifts per Day?

Do you need to schedule dozens or hundreds of shifts per day? If so, you can split your shifts into Multiple Rotas. Your business might like to run different rotas for the "Front Office" and the "Back Office". Or different rotas for the "Kitchen" and "Front of House". Or a separate rota for each business location, such as "South Bank" and "North Bank". For clients with many shifts, you could create a dedicated client rota for each of them. Or you can create a rota for each team or each rota manager. Depending on your business needs, sometimes it's better to have many rotas, and sometimes it might be better to have just a few rotas or one rota. Rotaville is flexible in this regard.

Your Business Hours / 9-to-5 / 24x7 / Global Workforce

Rotaville supports whatever your business hours are. Simple 9-to-5 rotas look and work great. If you run shifts 24x7, then that’s also supported by Rotaville.

Is your workforce split over multiple countries or time zones? Rotaville will automatically translate the date and time of shifts for each employee into their time zone.

Working with Clients and Client Rotas

Are your shifts with regular clients? You can create a Client Record for each client, with their name, photo, and other essential information. Assign your clients to shifts along with employees. Employees will see which clients are co-assigned to their shifts. You can filter the online rota view to only show shifts for a specific client. Individual client schedules and reports can be printed. Rotaville works great for client servicing businesses.

Resource Tracking and Allocation

Similar to clients, you can assign, or allocate, resources to shifts. Resource Records can be used to track and assign specific resources within your business. These resources could be your work vehicles, meeting rooms, specialised equipment, or other physical or virtual items in your business. Filtering and reporting by resource also works.

Employee Holidays and Sickness

Knowing when your staff are available for shifts is vital information for your rota managers. For this reason, Rotaville allows you to record Sick Days and Holidays on the rota. Optionally, you can allow employees to submit Holiday Requests through Rotaville, which your managers can then approve or deny. Reports that tally up the number of sick days or holidays per employee are available

Reports, Exports, and Printing

Rotaville has a wide range of PDF and CSV exports and reports. You can print and generate these at any time or download soft copies to keep on your computer. They can also be used to help with your payroll or client billing. Reporting options include the full weekly rota, the monthly rota, custom periods, specific rotas, all employees, particular employees, clients and resources, holiday requests and sickness.

Double Booking Prevention

Ever had one of your employees double booked to work two different shifts at the same time? Rotaville can be configured to block double-bookings or to warn about double bookings, or even to allow double-bookings. Whatever best suits your business.

Workforce Communication

Rotaville includes a Memo System, which is similar to a virtual notice board. Your managers can post memos to the staff. The system tracks which employees have read the messages - this helps prevent the typical excuses of I didn’t get the message or no one told me!.

Staff Training Included

The Rotaville Academy helps get your staff up to speed - it's a short course of short video lessons that cover all the ins-and-outs of using Rotaville. Both your employees and managers can complete this online video course, and when they do, a completion certificate is awarded! Ask your new starters to complete the course to help ensure that they know how to use the system.

Although, Rotaville is so easy to use that many staff will just work out how to use it for themselves (without ever having any training, watching videos, or reading our documentation).


The Rotaville system is very configurable. Don't need a particular feature for your company? then just turn it off in settings. Many different types of business currently use Rotaville in ways that we never imagined - a testament to its versatility and configurability - and suitability for your business too.

Support At Hand

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Money-Back Guarantee.

After upgrading your account, if it turns out that Rotaville does not quite meet your needs, then we offer a free no-risk full 100% 30-day money-back guarantee.

Get started with Rotaville today and bring the benefits of pain-free rota management to your business.

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