Track Employee Availability

Rotaville has a unique Availability system that allows:

  • Employees to indicate their availability well in advance of shifts being scheduled.
  • Managers to see:
    1. who is free or busy on the shift assignment menu
    2. who is free or busy on shift assignments.

Employee View

employee availability

Employees can quickly and easily indicate their future availability on the rota with the click of a button. They can mark themselves as available (free) or unavailable (busy) on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

Management View

Managers can cleary see each employee's availability on the shift assignment menu

assignment menu availability

Availability is also clearly shown next to shift assignments.

shift assignment availability

The Availability feature can be completely disabled in Workforce Settings if it's not needed..

Managers can also use the Shift Agreement feature to check on employee acceptance or acknowledgement of assigned shifts.