SMS and Telephone

All upgraded Rotaville accounts have access to our SMS and Telephone add-on.

  • Managers can send employees SMS messages directly from the Rotaville web app.

employee sms

  • Employees can choose to receive automatic SMS text reminders for their shifts.

Employees can Get Next Shift Details at anytime

Employees can dial a dedicated telephone number at anytime to listen to a recording with details of their next scheduled shift.

Employees can also send a text (SMS message) into a dedicated telephone number at anytime to get details of their next scheduled shift sent back to them.

next shift sms message

Upgraded accounts are given 100 free SMS credits per month. Each SMS message sent costs a certain amount of sms credits as per below.

Destination Number Each SMS costs
Australia 9 Credits per SMS
Canada 3 Credits per SMS
New Zealand 9 Credits per SMS
United Kingdom 8 Credits per SMS
United States 3 Credits per SMS
Rest of World 10 Credits per SMS

Additional SMS credits can be purchased by using to our Sms Auto Top-up subscription package.