Shift Agreements (Accept/Decline)

Rotaville has a unique Shift Agreement system that allows:

  • Employees to confirm their acceptance of shift assignments
  • Managers to see:
    1. confirmed acceptance in advance of assigning employees
    2. employees who have accepted or declined their existing shift assignments

For all shifts on the rota employees can show their shift agreement as either accepted or declined.

employee availability

Flexible Usage

How rota managers use this information is up to them. For example:

  • Managers could request that employees show their acceptance for future planned shifts in order to be considered for assignment to those shifts (This is a great strategy for casual staff and ad-hoc shifts).
  • Managers could request that employees show their acceptance for all shifts to which the employee has been assigned. (This scheme gives the managers peace-of-mind that the employees have acknowledged their shift assignments.)
  • Shift Agreements can be completely disabled in Workforce Settings if this feature is not wanted or needed.

Locked Agreement for Confirmed Shifts

An optional setting allows managers to prevent changes to the agreement for confirmed shifts. This stops employees for using the system to decline shifts at short notice (Employees therefore need to directly contact a rota manager to request any late change).