Secure Data Access Control

Out-of-the-box Rotaville is designed for workplaces where staff need to work together. This includes visibility of the full rota so that all employees know who is working when and where.

However some businesses might require tighter access controls and restrictions on information about scheduled shifts.

Managers can configure the following settings for tighter access controls if needed.

Email Addresses Visible To Employees
Email Addresses on Employee Records can be made visible to other employees or shown only to managers.
Telephone Numbers Visible To Employees
Telephone Numbers on Employee Records can be made visible to other employees or shown only to managers.
Shifts Visible to Employees
All shifts can be shown to employees OR only the shifts to which they've been assigned.
Assignments Visible to Employees
When employees can see all the shifts, they can be allowed to see all the shift assignments OR only the employee assignments of the shifts to which they've also been assigned.
Availability Visible to Employees
The Availability of employees can be shared with all OR only managers.
Agreements Visible to Employees
The Shift Agreements of employees can shared with all employees OR only managers.
Holidays Visible to Employees
Employee holidays can be show to all OR just to managers and the employee concerned.
Activity Visible to Employees
The Rotaville Activity Log of all changes made to the workplace can be shared with employees or restricted to managers only.

User's Data Access Control

Individual users can control if their Email Address and Telephone Number information from their own User Profile is shared will all colleagues or just with their managers.

Rotaville makes it easy for businesses to give their employees the right amount of rota information required to get their jobs done.