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Rotaville Announcements

Check back here for the latest announcements about Rotaville. To follow-up with your own comments please post to the Rotaville General Discussion forum.

Visible to Everyone

The Rotaville iPhone App update v2.3.1 is now available for download from the iTunes App Store.

This release fixes the annoying 'getting stuck in youtube video' bug. And also brings several improvements including

  • faster performance
  • landscape viewing support
  • updated icons.

Please let us know if you have any problems with this new release.

Rotaville allows you to schedule any employee to any shift.

The shift assignment menu has now been updated so that employees who are already assigned to another shift at same time or who have a holiday now have their names struck out like this. This will help managers from double assigning an employee. It's still possible to assign them though if you wish.

Here is an example screenshot showing currently assigned employees with their names struck out.

Shift Assignment Menu

The same feature is also available on the mobile site

Mobile Shift Assignment Menu

The Personal Schedules available under the Printer Menu have have been fixed.

There was a problem where they where not using the "lines per page" setting from your user settings.

This has been now been fixed! So it's now easier to print out all shifts on one page.

Due to a problem with the generated PDFs (rota/shift-report/individual-schedules/employee-list) not appearing on the iPad (and iPhone) the generated PDFs will now appear in a new window instead of being downloaded to your computer.

If you're now having any problems seeing the PDF printouts you might need to allow popup-windows for rotaville.com.

Please let us know if you're having any problems with this change.

thanks. Jason.

The web interface for Rotaville now works better on the iPad and other tables when using the 'Touch Controls' mode.

Rotaville now also works a little better on Internet Explorer 8.

Please let us know of any problems. thanks.


it's now possible to allocate the color code given to individual employees.

You might like to do this to help you quickly indentify certain roles such as

  • waiters
  • nurses
  • programmers
  • managers


Employee Color Codes

The controls for shifts on the web rota have been updated!

It's now easier to see and edit the details of small shifts.

These changes make it easier for some employers that have many small shifts (e.g. home care) to manage their rotas.

The PDF version of the rota and also personal schedules (both available from the Print menu icon) have been updated.

Icons, fonts and spacing have been updated to improve the look and layout for large and small rotas.

Once again the speed of the rota web page has been improved.

Holiday Requests are now shown with an airplane icon on web/mobile/pdf views. Also the email notifications for holidays have been updated.


The load times of weekly & monthly web views or the the rota have been speeded up. The speed up is particularly noticeable on large rotas and with the Firefox web browser. Google Chrome browser still seems to the fast choice for Rotaville.

A number of small fixes have also been made to the Keyboard mode.

Please let us know if you spot any problems.

In the past few hours there have been problems with employees viewing the rota.

Apologies for the disruption.

We've rolled back the changes (with bugs) that caused this and will investigate further.

It's now possible to view and manage your rota using a monthly view.

Simply click the Month View button near the top of the weekly view of your rota.

Monthly Rota View Button

When using the monthly view you can also PDF print a monthly rota from the print menu.

Monthly schedules for individual employees are also available.

The monthly view is brand new and it will be further improved in the coming weeks.

The Weekly and Monthly views have also been tweaked to make them run faster in your web browser.

The Rotaville Mobile Site and iPhone App can be used to manage your staff rota on the iPad.

The Rotaville website is optimised for using both keyboard and mouse using the latest Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari on your computer.

The Rotaville website now also works well on the iPad and other tablets and touch devices.

We've added a new payment provider to Rotaville. In addition to Paypal subscriptions account upgrades can be paid with regular monthly credit or debit card payments.

So workplace owners can now upgrade their accounts using a company card without having to use a personal Paypal account.

The mobile site and mobile app now load and reload much more quickly.

The Rota web page view also now loads significantly faster.

These speed-ups are noticeable on workplaces with many employees and many connected users.

(No new features but good to know.)

Sometimes when managers send invitations to new employees to view the rota online the invitation is not received.

This is often because

  • The employee email address is incorrect (event just slightly incorrect)


  • The invitation has ended up in the employee's email spam folder ( please ask employees to check their spam folders).

Rotaville has just been updated with a new feature allowing managers to see the invitation that has been sent by following the show invitation link. So managers can also print out (hardcopy) the invitation for new employees.

online rota invitation

The mobile site has now been fixed/tweaked to work Apple iPhone/iPad iOS 5.

Also a new version of the Rotaville App has been uploaded to the Apple App store and it will be available shortly.

The next round of Rotaville improvements is getting underway.

First up, the main Rota interface (manger view and also employee view) has been tweaked to run a bit faster.

You might not notice the difference but trust me, it is faster.

There was a problem affecting full-cloning of shifts with multiple assignments - this has now been fixed.

There appears to be a new problem with the mobile site and mobile app on the new Apple iOS5 for iPhone/iPad/iPod. I am investigating.

The Rota manager view assignment menu has been updated!

Here's what the old menu looked like

Old Rotaville staff shift assignment menu

and here is the new employee shift assignment menu

Rotaville staff shift assignment menu

Please let us know if you have any problems.

Shifts which start immediately after another shifts ends are now more likely to be displayed next to each other on the web view and PDF print out views.

e.g. The web view:

web rota adjacent shifts

eg. The printed PDF view:

printed rota adjacent shifts

This is something which probably should have available on Rotaville since day one.

Employee availabilites (for assigned employees) are now shown on the printed PDF rotas (only when there is enough free space to show this extra information).

Employee shift availabliity

iCalendar feeds of all shifts on your rotas is now available on your Calendar Feeds page.

These new feeds, like the existing personal shift feeds, work well on iPhone, Android and with desktop calendar programs.

The Full Rota feeds are a premium feature and so are only available where the workplace owner has upgraded their account.