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Rotaville Announcements

Check back here for the latest announcements about Rotaville. To follow-up with your own comments please post to the Rotaville General Discussion forum.

Visible to Everyone

The Rotaville rota web view now automatically refreshes itself if left idle for 5 minutes.

Also, a new Display Mode has been added. The display mode removes the normal page header and page footer areas from the rota web view.

Display mode works well when your browser is in full-screen or presentation mode (see the View menu of your web browser).

Display Rota on Screen

We've just added the Memo System to Rotaville. You can now send your workplace memos and staff communication through Rotaville.

Please see the Workplace Memo Screencast to see how the system works.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the new memo system.


Workplace Memo Memorandum

We've added new options for Account Upgrades (for workplace owners).

R10, R25, R50, R75, R100, R150, R200, R300 upgrades

now replace the older small, medium, big, etc. upgrades.

Accounts already upgraded will remain on the older plans/upgrades or they can changed/cancelled at anytime.


Yesterday we released a significant update Rotaville.

No new features have been added but everything should be running faster now.

Please let us know if you spot any problems.

thanks. Jason.

Have you ever accidentally cloned the same of set of shifts twice when using the Rotaville web app with drag'n'drop?

We've now added some protection against this - for when you accidently drop shifts into the wrong location.

Shift duplication protection

Holiday requests are holidays in Rotaville are now mutli-day by default.

So it's now possible for employees to request more than 1 day off at a time.

Managers can also book multi-day holidays for their employees in a single request.

The Rotaville desktop web, mobile web, iPhone App and Android App have all been updated.

add holiday to the rota

For those workplaces with Clients and Resources it's now possible to print individual schedules for these things from the Print menu.

Print Client Schedules

SMS Credits

Every upgraded account now automatically gets 100 SMS credits each month. Sending SMS messages from Rotaville costs a variable number of credits as shown in the table on the SMS & Telephone feature page.

Workplace owners can subscribe to our SMS Auto Top-up package on the Account Upgrades page. Additional SMS credits can be used for sending further SMS messages and by employee SMS shift reminders.

New Plans

Rotaville account plans for upgraded accounts have had the limitations on number of workplaces and number of rotas removed. Now the only difference between the various upgrade plans is the number of Users allowed.

If you need any help with these changes then please let us know - support@rotaville.com


It's now possible to print the schedule for an individual employee from the print menu.

See the picture below for an example of how to access this new feature.

Print employee shift schedule

We've just released a new version of the Rotaville mobile(touch) site.

The new version includes lots of functionality previously not available on mobile, including

  • account signup
  • workplace and rota creation
  • add new jobs (respond to job invites)
  • improved add/edit shift
  • PDF report access
  • individual employee schedule views

Rota mobile site

View the site now on your mobile or desktop by following the Mobile & Touch Site link in the page footer below.


On the weekly view of Rotaville rotas you can now turn on a Coverage Count which displays a little number next to each hour of the day.

This number show the total number of employee shift assignments at the beginning of that hour.

Shift Coverage Indicators

Turning on this coverage count might slow down your rota display a little bit - so if your rota is already displaying slowing then leave this setting off.

In your User Settings it's now possible to have email notifications sent to you about any draft shifts to which you are assigned. Previously this option was only available for confirmed shifts.

For most employees turning this option on might be a bit noisy with too many emails being generated.

However for some businesses with infrequent shifts or many casual employees then asking each user to turn on this setting might be a useful thing to do.

draft shift notifications

Rotaville employee profiles now have an extra field Employee ID. This optional field can be used to record your companies internal ID (such as a payroll ID) for the employee. If recorded in the the employee profile then the Employee ID will also appear in the various Rotaville PDF and CSV reports.

Employee ID field

Two new CSV export options have been added to the Print menu. These options will generate export files which are useful for importing your shift information in to Excel or other programs.

Employee hours csv

The main Rotaville web calendar interface has been on a diet for the past two weeks and is now slimmer and faster then ever before (ie. Rotaville now uses less HTML, css, and javascript than before).

These recent updates will help users with large rotas and/or slow computers.

Using the controls that appear over a day row (or a week row in Month view) it's now possible for employees to mark their availability or unavailability(where allowed) for all shifts listed on that day (or week) in a single click.

(Please note: Rotaville does not remember these clicks so if a rota manager subsequently adds a new shift then all availabilities for the new shift will initially be listed as unknown (ie. '?'))

Employee shift availability and unavailablity

Also, using use the keyboard commands, it's now possible to mark yourself as available (tick) or unavailable (x cross) for a single shift, whole day, or whole week. By marking out muliple rows in keyboard mode (J,K) it's possible to update multiple days or weeks with a single t or x key command.

As you might have noticed two new features have recently been added to Rotaville.

It's now possible to assign both 'Resources' and 'Clients' to shifts in addition to 'Employees'. This feature will apply to organisations where shifts are associated with specific clients or resources. Assigning a client or resource to a regular shift is an alternative to using shift names/descriptions as many organisations currently do.

The workplace Employees, Resources, and Clients menus are now searchable.

The shifts shown on the rota can be filtered to only show the shifts assigned to a particular Employee (or Client or Resource) by clicking on the funnel/filter icon next to each Employees name.

client menu

The Rotaville mobile/touch site and Android App have been updated with support for Clients & Resources. An updated version fo the iPhone app will be available in a few days.

Over the weekend the memory in the Rotaville servers has been upgraded so things are now running just a little bit faster.

We've released a big update to much the software code that runs the main rota view and mobile site. There are no new features in this update but some users with large rotas will hopefully see a nice performance (speed) improvement.

Also, all users can see all of their upcoming (assigned) shifts from the Home tab. If you have more than 10 upcoming shifts then just the Show More button to display the next 10, etc.

Load More Upcoming Shifts

A new feature for workplaces where the owner has upgraded their account,

Previously a full iCalendar feeds of all shifts on each rota was available,

Now, a full iCalendar feed is available for the whole workplace, ie. all shifts in all rotas in a single feed.

See the 'Calendar Feeds' link from the 'Home' tab for more information.

Workplaces owners with upgraded accounts can now request access to the new SMS and Telephone Add-On.

This new feature allows rota-managers to send SMS messages to users directly from the the Rotaville web app.

The feature also allows users to request information about their next shift at anytime by calling or texting (sms) a dedicated phone number that has been setup by the owner for the workplace.

If you have any questions about this or would like the Add-on added to your workplaces then please contact support.