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Rotaville Announcements

Check back here for the latest announcements about Rotaville. To follow-up with your own comments please post to the Rotaville General Discussion forum.

Visible to Everyone

Managers can view all Availability information at once. Regular employees can also view this Availability information if allowed by the Workplace Settings.

The new Availability Row control can be used to select who's availability information is shown in the Availabilty Rows on the web rota view.

Dynamic Availability Row was the traditional behaviour up until now, this setting changes the Availability Row to display the availability the of the employee most recently hovered over by the mouse pointer.

Availability Rows

New options such as 'All With Availability' can be selected which will now show multiple availability rows at once, like this...

Employee Availability for Shifts

As usual, Employee/User availability continues to be shown as the box colour next to name on their shift assignments and in the shift assignment menu.

Workplaces with multiple rotas now have the option only showing some selected rotas from the Rotas menu tab.

View Selected Rotas

It's now possible to change the sort order of employees on the Assignment Menu.

Click the 'Sort' button to show and hide the sorting controls.

This new feature is especially useful for workplaces with large numbers of employees.

Shift Assignment Menu Sort Order

The latest updated versions of the Rotaville App is now available for iPhone and Android.

For managers there is now a 'Quick New Shift' feature which can be accessed by clicking the plus button ⊕ on any day of the workplace rota views.

Rota software quick new shift

For each day (or week in Month view) on the rota, managers will now also see a Confirm ALL Shifts button. Clicking this button will confirm all Draft shifts for that day (or week) with a single click.

Confirm All Shifts Web View

The Confirm ALL Shifts button is also available on the Rotaville mobile site and will be available in the Rotaville mobile Apps soon.

Confirm All Shifts Mobile View

New User Profile Settings

The new default setting for all Users is now to hide their User Profile's email address and telephone number (if entered) from their employee colleagues. Rota Mangers will still always see this information. There are now settings in User Profile that allows these fields to again be shared with all employee colleagues if desired (the old behaviour).

new privacy settings

New Workplace Employee Record Settings

The new default setting for Employee Records is to hide the email address and telephone number from employees (non managers). Rota managers will always see these fields if they are set.

In Workplace Settings the settings can be changed so that all employees will be see the email and telephone information. This is useful for companies where the company provides the email address and telephone number, or for companies where these important information needs to be shared amongst all employees.

employee record privacy settings in workplace settings

Rotaville now supports adding breaks to shifts.

Breaks are subtracted from the total shift time that is used to calculate total hours for each assigned employee. So don't use Rotaville Shift Breaks if you are using our reports to calculate payroll and your employees have paid breaks.

Click the pencil 'Edit' icon on the desktop web rota view or on the mobile views to edit/add a break to a shift.

Shift break times are displayed in square brackets, e.g. [ 1h30m ].

Rota Shift Break Information

Version 4.1.x of the Rotaville iPhone App is now available in the App Store - work rota software

Rota Software iPhone App

The Rotaville App for Android version 4.1.2 is now available. Download from the Google Play store here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rotaville.rotaville


would you like help out as an official Beta tester for upcoming releases of the Rotaville App on both Android and iOS? If so, then please email us: support@rotaville.com

We just released a big refresh to the mobile site.

The new release is much faster, particularly on older mobile devices.

Follow the first link in the page footer and then bookmark the site on your phone,

or here is the direct link:


Recently the iOS (last night) and Android (last weeks) have been updated. Watch this space - a big update is coming soon!

Rota SoftwareApp

We've refreshed all of our video screencasts! To learn all of the ins and outs of Rotaville please see the updated video screencasts from the Help tab or follow this link directly to the video screencasts page:


Today we've released two big new features on Rotaville!

Time Based Availability

Employees can now register the availability in advance. Using the controls on the rota they can indicate themselves as available(free) or unavailable(busy).

Availability Controls

Mobile Availability Controls

This availability information is then shown in the shift assignments and also the assignment menu. In the shift agreement box the color green indicates available and the color red indicates unavailable.

availability in assignment menu

Employees can register their time based availability at any time. This differs from shift Agreements (accept/decline) which can only be registered after the shifts have been added to the rota.

Advanced Workplace Settings

Workplace Owners (& Managers) will now see some additional Settings are now available in Workplace Settings.

Workplace Rota Settings

These new settings include:

Shifts visible to employees

Normally employees can see all shifts on the rotas. If this is set to No, managers only then employees will only be able to see shifts that they are assigned to.

Managers take note: One thing to consider is if employees can't see other shifts then won't be able to pre-accept/decline the Agreements for them either.

Assignments visible to employees

Normally employees can see all the assignments for all shifts. If this is set to No, managers only then employees will only be able to see the assignments on this shifts that they are also assigned to. This setting is useful if you'd like you employees to see all the shifts (as per the Shifts Visible to Employees setting) but you'd only like them to see the assignments of the shifts they are also working.

Employees will always see all the assignments of the shifts they are working (this includes other employees assigned to the same shifts and also Clients assigned and Resources assigned).

Availability visible to employees

Normally employees can see the availability indicated by other employees. If this is set to No, managers only then employees will only see their own availability.

Agreements visible to employees

Normally employees can see the shift Agreements (accepts & declines) indicated by other employees. If this is set to No, managers only then employees will only see their own Agreements.

Activity visible to employees

Normally employees can see the workplace Activity stream. The Activity stream always includes details about Shifts, Assignments, Availability and Agreements regardless of the advanced settings listed above. This setting allows access to the Activity stream to be restricted to managers only if desired.

Mobile Updates

These new features are available in the Rotaville Web (Desktop) App today and also in the Rotaville mobile site. An updated version of the Rotaville Android App will be released later today, and an update version of the Rotaville iPhone App later this week.

The Rotaville rota web view now automatically refreshes itself if left idle for 5 minutes.

Also, a new Display Mode has been added. The display mode removes the normal page header and page footer areas from the rota web view.

Display mode works well when your browser is in full-screen or presentation mode (see the View menu of your web browser).

Display Rota on Screen

We've just added the Memo System to Rotaville. You can now send your workplace memos and staff communication through Rotaville.

Please see the Workplace Memo Screencast to see how the system works.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the new memo system.


Workplace Memo Memorandum

We've added new options for Account Upgrades (for workplace owners).

R10, R25, R50, R75, R100, R150, R200, R300 upgrades

now replace the older small, medium, big, etc. upgrades.

Accounts already upgraded will remain on the older plans/upgrades or they can changed/cancelled at anytime.


Yesterday we released a significant update Rotaville.

No new features have been added but everything should be running faster now.

Please let us know if you spot any problems.

thanks. Jason.

Have you ever accidentally cloned the same of set of shifts twice when using the Rotaville web app with drag'n'drop?

We've now added some protection against this - for when you accidently drop shifts into the wrong location.

Shift duplication protection

Holiday requests are holidays in Rotaville are now mutli-day by default.

So it's now possible for employees to request more than 1 day off at a time.

Managers can also book multi-day holidays for their employees in a single request.

The Rotaville desktop web, mobile web, iPhone App and Android App have all been updated.

add holiday to the rota

For those workplaces with Clients and Resources it's now possible to print individual schedules for these things from the Print menu.

Print Client Schedules