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Re: Updates to Repeating Shifts and Repeating Assignments

Started by: Jason
Last post: 2019-05-13 4:39
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The way the Repeating Shifts and Repeating Assignments feature works on Rotaville has been improved.

Now it's possible to change the individual assignments on a Repeating Shift at any time. Repeating Assignments can be added or removed from any date, or range of dates, without first having to edit, delete, exclude or change the repeating shifts.

The updated Rotaville App for Android and iPhone, version 53.x.x, includes support for these new improvements.

After this recent update there was a problem with Email Notifications and Push Notifications being sent out with the wrong shift information to some employees.

These problems have now been fixed and notifications should be working correctly for all new repeating shift assignments and removals.