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New: record "Sick Leave" on the rota. Print and mobile updates.

Started by: Jason
Last post: 2018-09-08 10:01
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Until now there have only been two types of entries on the rota, shifts and holidays. Support for Sick Leave has now been added to Rotaville.

Sick Leave can be recorded on the rota only by rota managers. When an employee calls in sick a "Sick Leave" shift can be added to the rota to record their absence. Recording sick leave helps rota managers when reassigning existing shifts by blocking out the employee. Recording sick leave will also let other managers and employees know that the sick employee is unavailable.

Managers can click on the "Sick" menu tab to add a Sick Leave entry to the rota.

or on the 'Add Sick' button on mobile

For workplaces with multiple rotas, if a rota with the name "Sick Leave" or "Holidays" exists, then these rotas will be pre-selected in the add sick leave form.

By default, employees can only see their own sick leave entries on the rota, but this can be changed using the new All Sick Leave visible to Employees setting in Workplace Settings. Managers can always see all sick leave entries. Employees can always see their own sick leave entries.

In Settings, employees can choose to receive email notifications about their sick leave.

In Settings, managers can choose to receive email notifications about sick leave entries for all employees.

A new Sick Report PDF option has been added the Print menu tab. The Sick Report uses the same calendar year settings as the Holiday Report.

When printing the Rota PDF from the Print menu tab a new option has been added so that you can choose what types of records are included,

so it's now possible to print the rota without holidays included, or just holidays and sick leave, etc.

Version 51.X.X of the Rotaville Mobile App is now available on Android and shortly on iPhone. This update includes support for Sick Leave and many other small fixes and enhancements.