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New Workplace Setting: Show All Employees to Employees

Started by: Jason
Last post: 2018-03-15 13:52
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A new Workplace Setting has been added to Rotaville, Show All Employees to Employees. This setting works in a similar fashion to the existing Show All Clients to Employees and Show All Resources to Employees workplace settings.

When Show All Employees to Employees is set to "No, only show employees other employees they are working with" then regular employees will no be shown the fully employee list. They will only see the names of other employees that they are co-assigned with and also the names of all rota managers.

For "agency style" companies, where employees don't know each other and don't work with each other, setting Show All Employees to Employees to No is a good idea. This new setting makes Rotaville an even better Agency Rota software solution.

All new workplaces no have this setting set to No by default. Existing workplaces have this setting set to Yes. Rota mangers can go ahead and change this setting in Workplace Settings if they wish.