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Traditionally, the primary reason for adding Holidays to Rotaville was to assist rota managers with scheduling staff — by having them know who was away and therefore unavailable.

Now, Rotaville can be used for tracking and reporting employee Annual Leave. Using another system for this is no longer required.

Some new options have been added to Workplace Settings. "Holiday Allowance" is the default number of holiday days given to each employee. For all workplaces, this setting defaults to 20 days but it can be changed by any rota manager. The "Holiday Year Start Month" and "Holiday Year Start Month Day" allow a rota manager to change when each new holiday allowance year starts. By default the holiday year starts on January 1st but this can changed to any other date, e.g. April 6th, July 1st, etc.

Another new setting has been added to each employee's Employee Record, "Holiday Days" can be used to override the workplace default for employees that have a different holiday allowance to the workplace default.

As usual, shift information older than 12 months is automatically deleted from the system. However, now holidays will be kept in the system for 2 years so that reports can be run on the last holiday-year, the current holiday-year, and the next holiday-year.

The Rotaville mobile Apps will be updated soon with these new settings.

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