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MANY NEW features, including: Agreement settings, hidden draft shifts, empty shift warnings, and double assignment options.

Started by: Jason
Last post: 2017-02-06 3:35
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The latest software update for Rotaville is now live! Included in this release:

Allow Shift Agreements to be Declined

This new Workplace Setting controls if employees are allowed to set their 'Shift Agreements' to declined (and pre-declined). Turning this setting off will cause 'Shift Agreements' to be accept (and pre-accept) only for all employees.

Allow Pre-Assignment-Agreements

This new Workplace Setting controls if employees are allowed to set 'Shift Agreements' on shifts that they are not yet assigned to, i.e. allowing them to pre-accept and pre-decline. Turning this setting off will then only allow employees to accept and decline shifts to which they are already assigned.

(Note: If the Workplace Setting 'Shifts Visible to Employees' is off then employees will only see their own shifts and so can't pre-accept/pre-decline other shifts regardless of the 'Allow Pre-Assignment-Agreements' setting).

(A Reminder: The Workplace Setting 'Use Shift Agreements' can be used to remove the Shift Agreements feature from the workplace.)

Auto Confirm Shifts Days Before

This new Workplace Setting can be used to automatically confirm shifts a selected number of days before each shift is scheduled to begin.

It's good practice for rota managers to confirm shifts (rather than leave them with draft status) and this setting can be used to automatically confirm shifts when they have not already been manually confirmed (i.e. by clicking on the clock-face icon).

Draft Shifts Visible

This new Workplace Setting controls if employees can see shifts that are currently in draft status. Setting 'Draft Shifts Visible' to off will allow rota managers to plan and schedule new shifts without allowing employees to see them until they are confirmed. The draft shifts are hidden from employees.

When 'Draft Shifts Visible' is set to off then the other Workplace Setting 'Auto Confirm Shifts Day Before' is automatically turned on. This is to make sure the shifts will be visible to the employees at some stage (in case the rota manager forgets to confirm the shifts).

Warn About Empty Shifts

This new Workplace Setting, when turned on, will cause empty shifts (i.e. shifts without any employees assigned) that are scheduled to begin within the next 48 hours to flash with a red warning colour on the rota view.

When I'm a manager, email me warnings about empty shift

This new personal setting for each manager causes a warning notification email to be sent about empty shifts in the next 48 hours. The Workplace Setting 'Warn About Empty Shifts' must also be on for these warning emails to be sent.

Empty Shift Notifications for Managers

This new App setting (iPhone and Android) for each manager will cause push notifications to be sent to their phone warning them about empty shifts in the next 48 hours. The Workplace Setting 'Warn About Empty Shifts' must also be on for these warning notifications to be sent to the Rotaville app.

Resource/Client/Employee Double Assignment Settings

Previously Rotaville would mark any double-booked assignment with a strike through the employee name ( and resource or client names).

Three new Workplace Settings have been added to better control what happens with a double assignment, 'Resource Double Assignments', 'Client Double Assignments', and 'Employee Double Assignments'.

Each of these Settings can be set to:

  • warn - Double assignments can be made, but Rotaville will mark them with a strike-through the name. This is the default Rotaville behaviour.
  • allow - Double assignments can be made. Rotaville will not mark or warn about these double-booked assignments.
  • block - Double assignment is not allowed. If the resource/client/employee is already scheduled then their name will not appear in the shift assignment menu for any conflicting shifts.

Using the allow setting is useful for when it's okay for 'Resource' or 'Client' records to be assigned concurrently.

When the block setting is used there are still some circumstances when a double-booking might occur (such as automatically repeating shifts), should this happen then the double assignments are shown with the traditional strike-through treatment.

UI updates

Employee availability ( free/busy (red/green boxes )) and employee 'Shift Agreements' ( accept/decline (tick/cross marks)) are now shown side-by-side.

Performance Improvements

Many under-the-cover updates were made which makes this the fastest version of Rotaville ever!

Mobile App updates

Updates to our iPhone App and Android App containing many of the above updates will be available in the next few days.

If you spot any problems or suspect something isn't working right then please let us know -