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You can now view all Availability information at once

Started by: Jason
Last post: 2015-09-10 1:18
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Managers can view all Availability information at once. Regular employees can also view this Availability information if allowed by the Workplace Settings.

The new Availability Row control can be used to select who's availability information is shown in the Availabilty Rows on the web rota view.

Dynamic Availability Row was the traditional behaviour up until now, this setting changes the Availability Row to display the availability the of the employee most recently hovered over by the mouse pointer.

Availability Rows

New options such as 'All With Availability' can be selected which will now show multiple availability rows at once, like this...

Employee Availability for Shifts

As usual, Employee/User availability continues to be shown as the box colour next to name on their shift assignments and in the shift assignment menu.