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Re: Update: new assignment menu

Started by: Jason
Last post: 2011-10-24 15:48
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The next round of Rotaville improvements is getting underway.

First up, the main Rota interface (manger view and also employee view) has been tweaked to run a bit faster.

You might not notice the difference but trust me, it is faster.

There was a problem affecting full-cloning of shifts with multiple assignments - this has now been fixed.

There appears to be a new problem with the mobile site and mobile app on the new Apple iOS5 for iPhone/iPad/iPod. I am investigating.

The mobile site has now been fixed/tweaked to work Apple iPhone/iPad iOS 5.

Also a new version of the Rotaville App has been uploaded to the Apple App store and it will be available shortly.

The Rota manager view assignment menu has been updated!

Here's what the old menu looked like

Old Rotaville staff shift assignment menu

and here is the new employee shift assignment menu

Rotaville staff shift assignment menu

Please let us know if you have any problems.