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New Features! Resources and Clients! Filtered rota views! Mobile app updates.

Started by: Jason
Last post: 2013-05-07 12:40
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As you might have noticed two new features have recently been added to Rotaville.

It's now possible to assign both 'Resources' and 'Clients' to shifts in addition to 'Employees'. This feature will apply to organisations where shifts are associated with specific clients or resources. Assigning a client or resource to a regular shift is an alternative to using shift names/descriptions as many organisations currently do.

The workplace Employees, Resources, and Clients menus are now searchable.

The shifts shown on the rota can be filtered to only show the shifts assigned to a particular Employee (or Client or Resource) by clicking on the funnel/filter icon next to each Employees name.

client menu

The Rotaville mobile/touch site and Android App have been updated with support for Clients & Resources. An updated version fo the iPhone app will be available in a few days.