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Mobile Updates

Started by: Jason
Last post: 2011-01-13 23:24
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Over the next few weeks the following work is planned for Rotaville

  • Web Rota UI Improvements
    • employee shift Assignment menu fixes
    • easier shift cloning and better clone controls.
    • general performance improvements
  • Employee holiday requests
    • fix and re-enable
  • Mobile site and iPhone UI
    • full manager capabilities
      • shift creation
      • employee creation
      • shift assignment

I will post progress updates here later.

Assignment menu on the rota UI has been updated and is now much faster.

Employee Holiday Requests are now back (and better than they were before).

The Rotaville mobile site has been updated.

Shift managers can now perform more rota management functions on their phones, including:

  • add, edit, and detele employees
  • add, edit, and delete shifts
  • assign and unassign employees to shifts

using the updated Rotaville Mobile Web Site.

These and other rota management features will be coming to the Rotaville iPhone App soon.