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Rotaville Announcements

Check back here for the latest announcements about Rotaville. To follow-up with your own comments please post to the Rotaville General Discussion forum.

Visible to Everyone

For workforces with multiple rotas, we've made some improvements to the Printed Rota PDF. A single day will now be split of multiple pages where there are too many rotas or too many shifts to be comfortably printed on a single page.

Also, for the Rota PDF ( and Shift Report, Schedules, and CSV reports) we've added a new option, "Selected Rotas". When "Selected Rotas" is set then a subset of rotas can be selected for printing ( previously the only choices were to print "All Rotas" or each single rota ).

We've reorganised the various view controls that were located at the top right-hand side of the rota calendar into a new View Options menu.

View Options Menu

Also added is a brand new Empty Shifts only option which filters the view to only show shifts without any employees assigned.

We've updated the Repeating Shifts video lesson.

This short video is recommended viewing for all rota managers...


We've added a new feature to Rotaville that will automatically upload PDF copies of your rota and schedules to your Google Drive.

Click the Google Drive Backups button from your Home page to access this feature.

After you have granted access to Rotaville to your Google Drive, backup PDFs will be uploaded each day.

Employees can backup their schedule only.

Managers can backup full copies of the rota and employee schedules.

You'll find your backed-up files in RotavilleBackup folder at https://drive.google.com/ or on your PC/Mac/iPhone/Android by installing one of these apps https://www.google.com/drive/download/

Please let us know if you have any problems or questions.

The way the Repeating Shifts and Repeating Assignments feature works on Rotaville has been improved.

Now it's possible to change the individual assignments on a Repeating Shift at any time. Repeating Assignments can be added or removed from any date, or range of dates, without first having to edit, delete, exclude or change the repeating shifts.

The updated Rotaville App for Android and iPhone, version 53.x.x, includes support for these new improvements.

After this recent update there was a problem with Email Notifications and Push Notifications being sent out with the wrong shift information to some employees.

These problems have now been fixed and notifications should be working correctly for all new repeating shift assignments and removals.

The Shift Agreement feature has been fine-tuned add some new related Workforce Settings added.

Two new video lessons are now available,

Shift Agreements for employees


Shift Agreements for managers

We encourage all Workforce owners/managers to check their Workforce Settings.

On Rotaville we've just renamed Workplace to Workforce.

Workforce is a more accurate and descriptive term and it help managers and Workforce Owners better understand what they are doing when they need to create a new rota or workforce.

The new Workforce terminology is now being rolled out across all documentation, software, and mobile apps.

This exciting new feature makes Rotaville about 200% more awesome!

On the web rota view (Work tab), managers will now see real-time updates to the rota whenever a change is made somewhere else. There is no longer any need to reload the page to see the latest up-to-date information. This is very helpful for workplaces with multiple active managers and workplaces with very active rotas.

These real-time updates include changes made by other other managers such as new shifts being created and employees being assigned.

Real-time updates for managers also includes real-time changes made by employees, such as updated availability, updated shift agreements, and new holiday requests.

Real-time updates for managers will also be coming to mobile soon.

Rota managers can now click the Employee View button at the top of the rota to switch to viewing the rota as if they were an employee.

Employee View shows what the rota view would look like if you ( a manager) were just a regular employee.

When Employee View is activated, depending on the Workplace Settings and the current set of shifts and assignments, you might get to see all shifts, or just shifts to which you've already been assigned, or you might not see any shifts.

The Employee View button is not displayed for regular employees.

Until now there have only been two types of entries on the rota, shifts and holidays. Support for Sick Leave has now been added to Rotaville.

Sick Leave can be recorded on the rota only by rota managers. When an employee calls in sick a "Sick Leave" shift can be added to the rota to record their absence. Recording sick leave helps rota managers when reassigning existing shifts by blocking out the employee. Recording sick leave will also let other managers and employees know that the sick employee is unavailable.

Managers can click on the "Sick" menu tab to add a Sick Leave entry to the rota.

or on the 'Add Sick' button on mobile

For workplaces with multiple rotas, if a rota with the name "Sick Leave" or "Holidays" exists, then these rotas will be pre-selected in the add sick leave form.

By default, employees can only see their own sick leave entries on the rota, but this can be changed using the new All Sick Leave visible to Employees setting in Workplace Settings. Managers can always see all sick leave entries. Employees can always see their own sick leave entries.

In Settings, employees can choose to receive email notifications about their sick leave.

In Settings, managers can choose to receive email notifications about sick leave entries for all employees.

A new Sick Report PDF option has been added the Print menu tab. The Sick Report uses the same calendar year settings as the Holiday Report.

When printing the Rota PDF from the Print menu tab a new option has been added so that you can choose what types of records are included,

so it's now possible to print the rota without holidays included, or just holidays and sick leave, etc.

Version 51.X.X of the Rotaville Mobile App is now available on Android and shortly on iPhone. This update includes support for Sick Leave and many other small fixes and enhancements.

The Rotaville Memo feature allows memo messages to posted to staff. A new setting has been added to Workplace Settings that controls who can post these memo messages.

When the new Restricted Memos setting is set to Yes then regular employees are restricted to only posting memos to managers.

When Restricted Memos is set to No then regular employees can post memos to everyone including other regular employees.

Managers can always post memos without any restriction.

The recently added include assignments options for repeating shifts have been removed.

New shift assignment options have been added. Now, when assigning employees ( or clients and resources ) to Repeating Shifts a rota manager can choose between a repeating Series assignment or Single shift assignment for just that shift. These new links/controls have been added to Rotaville web and mobile.

Repeating Shift Assignment

Two small but important fixes are now live on Rotaville.com

  1. There was a problem where the combination of showing "Holidays Only" at the same time with an Employee "filter" view did not work. This has been fixed.

  2. On the individual Employee Schedule PDF printouts break time was not being subtracted from the total hours. Break time is now subtracted from the total hours (just like the other reporting options) and break time is also printed for each shift on the Employee Schedule PDFs.

Remember, If you spot any bugs or problems on Rotaville.com then please let us know, support@rotaville.com.

Workplace owners can now pay for their account upgrades using the following currencies,

newly added:

  • Indian Rupee - INR
  • Indonesian Rupiah - IDR
  • Russian Ruble - RUB
  • Turkish Lira - TRY
  • South Korean Won - KRW
  • South African Rand - ZAR
  • Malaysian Ringgit - MYR

and already existing currency options

  • Australian Dollar - AUD
  • Brazilian Real - BRL
  • British Pound - GBP
  • Canadian Dollar - CAD
  • Czech Koruna - CZK
  • Danish Krone - DKK
  • Euro - EUR
  • Hong Kong Dollar - HKD
  • Hungarian Forint - HUF
  • Israeli New Sheqel - ILS
  • Japanese Yen - JPY
  • Mexican Peso - MXN
  • New Taiwan Dollar - TWD
  • New Zealand Dollar - NZD
  • Norwegian Krone - NOK
  • Philippine Peso - PHP
  • Polish Złoty - PLN
  • Singapore Dollar - SGD
  • Swedish Krona - SEK
  • Swiss Franc - CHF
  • Thai Baht - THB
  • United States Dollar - USD

The Rotaville rota system is only available in English Language but it works well for employees all over the world.

A new Workplace Setting has been added to Rotaville, Show All Employees to Employees. This setting works in a similar fashion to the existing Show All Clients to Employees and Show All Resources to Employees workplace settings.

When Show All Employees to Employees is set to "No, only show employees other employees they are working with" then regular employees will no be shown the fully employee list. They will only see the names of other employees that they are co-assigned with and also the names of all rota managers.

For "agency style" companies, where employees don't know each other and don't work with each other, setting Show All Employees to Employees to No is a good idea. This new setting makes Rotaville an even better Agency Rota software solution.

All new workplaces no have this setting set to No by default. Existing workplaces have this setting set to Yes. Rota mangers can go ahead and change this setting in Workplace Settings if they wish.

Previously on Rotaville the only way to get notifications of updates to upcoming shifts and new shift assignments was to receive notifications about all future shifts.

These old notification settings have now been removed.

A new notification setting is now available that works for both Confirmed and Draft shifts. This new setting is restricted to only sending email notifications for shifts occurring a certain number of days into the future.

A similar setting for push notifications about shifts will be available in the next update to the Rotaville App on mobile (which will be out in the next day or so).

The Rotaville manual, after 7 years service, has now been retired.

We've published some new and updated documentation under the HELP menu tab. direct link - https://rotaville.com/docs

We'll add more docs and support notes to this new collection throughout the coming period.

If you have any corrections, suggestions, requests or feedback then please get in touch.

An updated version of the Rotaville App, version 47.2.0 , is now available for iPhone and Android.

This new version includes the quick date navigation ( jump-to date menu ) function.

Using the drop-down menus next the Next and Previous week/month buttons on the web rota it's now possible to quickly jump to other weeks and months.

Rota date navigation Rota month navigation

We've added some new Workplace Settings so that now, by default, employees only see a restricted list of Client Records and Resource Records.

Employees will now only be able to see the names and details of clients and resources that have been assigned to work with.

Rota managers will always see the full lists of Client and Resource records.

If you'd like to go back to the old behaivour, where employees could see the full list of Clients and Resources then the Show All Clients to Employees and Show All Resources to Employees settings, in Workplace Settings, need to be changed to be "yes".