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Re: Employee

Started by: Rodway
Last post: 2017-08-16 6:44
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Adam Rodway Rodway


15 August 2017

Hi, I want to use emploees across 2 work places. can i with this software?

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Jason Lee Rotaville CEO. Jason

Re: Employee

16 August 2017

Hi Adam,

Each Rotaville "Workplace" is like a completely different company in the real world. Rotaville users can have access to multiple different Workplaces if required, this works just fine. Often it is only senior or HR managers that will need to access multiple workplaces on Rotaville.

In your business, if you have employees shared across different locations or teams, then you can create mulipile "Rotas" within your existing Rotaville workplace.

Please see this short video lesson about multiple rotas

(In your business, if you have separate teams that aren't sharing employees and that never need to see each other's rotas, then it's a good idea to set up these teams in different Rotaville "workplaces" (even if these teams work at the same location).)